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We are a fast and flexible alternative to traditional invoice finance whereby we aim to accelerate SMEs growth by releasing working capital which is locked up in their invoices. In a market which is becoming heavily reliant on technology, we think it is important to keep the old school personable values and therefore aim to forge strong, personal relationships with each of our clients. As opposed to taking full control of a client’s ledger, we fund against the credit worthy receivables within a sales ledger allowing the client to tailor our service to their needs. One can use GapCap as frequently or as seldom as they see fit. There are no management fees, minimum volume fees, termination fees or duration commitments. Our flexibility is evident in our payment structure, where clients are rewarded for early payment by the end debtor. Unlike many of our peer-to-peer competitors, GapCap is fund based; transactions are immediately underwritten through the fund, providing upfront capital with predictable interest rates.

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