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Here we hope other users questions may help you.
What is the Business Finance Database website? It is a fully searchable database with a variety of lenders from all over the world that you are given complete access to.
What type of Lenders will I be able to find? You will be able to find private investors, private lenders, institutions, venture capitalists, commercial lenders, Capital market Lenders, investment bankers and much more from all over the world.
Do I have to pay a Success Fee to Business Finance Database Website if I find and receive investment from one of the Lenders? No, you pay a subscription fee over a period chosen by yourself from the outset and that is the only fee payable to the Business Finance Database unless you use our fixed fee bespoke services
Does the website enable me to match my project with suitable Lenders? Yes there are several search options and you have a control panel where you can list your results. You are given the Contact details of a person who can help you
How often is the database updated? The database is worked on all of the time, changes are made constantly but major updates normally take place twice a year. There is also a reporting button for any faults found in relation to the data.
Can I have someone assist me with my searches and my business idea or plan? Yes if you take a 12 month subscription we will review your business plan for you and give you general advice and guidance.
I am a Lender/Investor how do I join and list with you? You should contact our office I want to list with you as a professional partner? You should contact our office
Can you join the Directory of Professional Services if your business is outside of the UK? Yes our lenders are based all over the world, and projects from all over the world use the site to match them with a lender or investor. We are now taking on Accountants, Brokers and lawyer from around the world.
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